About Us

The Book Direct Show is the re-branded sequel to the More Bookings Direct Conference which took place in London in February 2020. Spearheaded by Damian Sheridan of SEO Connect, the London event brought together short-term rental property managers (representing over 32,000 properties) and 17 industry experts.

Completely Independent - No OTA Involvement

The Book Direct Show is directed by a small team of independent property managers and industry experts. There is no outside influence by major online travel agent (OTA) or supplier.

Our sole aim is to provide you with unbiased, actionable education helping you with you achieve more direct bookings.

The 2020 online show will includes dozens of webinars and live presentations whilst 2021 will see another venue-based show in Europe with the possibility of another in the US.

Founder, Damian Sheridan has been involved in holiday rentals industry since 2003 as a manager of several properties throughout Europe.

"Over the last 6 years I have worked almost exclusively as a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultant with property management companies in the short-term rental industry.

In these years I have observed the industry change significantly and becoming overly-reliant upon major OTAs for bookings and revenue.

I have dedicated the last 18 months to curating events focusing on how we can generate direct bookings. My goal is to share valuable insights from industry experts about how we can diversify our businesses and focus on actionable strategies.

In February 2020 I hosted the More Bookings Direct Conference in London which attracted property managers representing over 32,000 properties globally."

Email: damian@bookdirect.show

Deborah Labi is a creative minded entrepreneur with a passion for travel, food, people and hospitality! Constantly sprouting ideas, she is:

- Founder of Have You Got: a global guest referral platform for Short Term Rentals.

- Co-Host of the Book Direct Show: driving this is her favourite word in the English language, FREEDOM. Hence business independence and direct bookings!

- Co founder of Hubstr, the Hub for Short Term Rentals: a global educational, sharing and networking platform.

- Founder of Ruby's Holiday Residences: offering short and long stay holiday accommodation in Sydney.

- Co founder of the Holiday for a Hero initiative: collecting and distributing donated holiday accommodation to thank the Australian firefighters who fought the 2019/20 bushfires. Sadly this had to be abandoned given the current crisis.

Integrity, unity and collaboration are the driving forces behind her business.

Email: deborah@bookdirect.show

Gianpaolo Vairo is a Vacation Rental professional with over 10-year experience with a special focus on the South European market.

"I had the extraordinary chance to start my career in the Short term rental industry back in 2007 in Barcelona, now considered as the European “VR Silicon Valley”. First as Property Manager, I had worked in many recognized short terms rental companies like Waytostay and Daily Flats, using later this experience to help international VR tech companies like Kigo and Guesty to expand internationally.

I've found my own Vacation Rental related startup, “Localler”, an all in one tourism marketing platform designed to provide to Property Managers, Destination Management Companies, and local travel professionals digital tools to market their products creating local micro OTAs. This project awarded me as “the most promising Young Entrepreneur” in 2015 from Wired Italy.

Under the Vacation Rental Rocket brand, I'm offering Vacation rental business development consulting, helping any Holiday-rental-related businesses, to establish, grow and scale-up in the South European Market (Italy, Spain, Portugal)."

Email: gianpaolo@bookdirect.show