Paola Gheis

Director Paola Gheis Vacation Rental Consulting

Paola Gheis is a European consultant specialized in marketing and communication in the luxury segment of vacation rentals. She transforms the positioning of her clients' villas and boutique hotels by developing the brand and communication strategy through high impact marketing techniques. Paola is a vacation rental owner and also manages ¨ The Villa Italy¨, the brand she created for a client owning a collection of six exceptional villas in Tuscany, Pantelleria and Ischia.

Paola studied Economics and Industrial Relations in Italy & USA and the business of Contemporary Art at Sotheby's Institute in London. Art is a passion that eventually helped her professionally to focus to the luxury side of vacation rentals. Most importantly art and design allowed her to refine her marketing techniques to increase the value perception in any given vacation rental project she undertakes.

Consistency of communication in every form, a clear brand personality definition with a strong link into the territory the property is located are levers she plays with. Paola formerly worked in global and European HR roles for blue chip companies in the High Tech industry. In 2013 she realised her true passion was the vacation rental industry and she has been working full time in it since then. Paola has presented her work method at national and international events and she is recognized for her commitment and contribution in the vacation rental industry.