Robertin Nunez

Robertin Nunez

Founder and President at Co host Expert Company

Founder & President
Co Host Expert Company

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1991 - Acquired Real Estate in the N.E U.S.A. 1996 - Co-Founded Flights Club- Entertainment Travel Co 2002 - Founded F.I.V.A Corp & dominated the distressed Real Estate market in Philadelphia & S Jersey. 2012 - Mr. Nunez entered the STR industry & is founder/president at Co Host Expert Company, “The Short Term Rental Professionals”. 2020 - Co-launches HOSTS2PROS S.T.R. workshop in Europe & the U.S Host2Pros is a master class workshop specifically designed for hosts and pms to help educate, inform and elevate their S.T.R. business operations. 2020 - Founded World Med Supplies Med Supplies Service Inc, providing global distribution for Protective Personal Equipment for local governments, organizations and institutions.

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