Sandra Roig

Sandra Roig

Marketing Director at AB Apartment Barcelona

Marketing Director
AB Apartment Barcelona

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Sandra is a Marketing professional with more than 20 years’ of experience, half of which were spent working in Digital Marketing. During her career, Sandra has worked for companies such as GE, Bayer Healthcare and Siemens and provided Digital Marketing classes in some of Barcelona’s Tourism Schools. Sandra also speaks 6 languages including English, German, Russian and Italian. She also has a digital agency in Barcelona, that manages a wide range of projects, including SEO, SEM and SMM, and other digital tools for different type of customers. Since founding AB Apartment Barcelona in 2007, the business has been awarded by Google as an example of best practice in E-commerce & featured in a book called “Digital Tourism Marketing”as an example to follow in content marketing. For the past 3 years AB Apartment Barcelona’s Blog has been nominated as the best blogs about travel in Barcelona.

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