Theo Bailey

Theo Bailey

Director at Per Person Per Night

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Theo Bailey is the founder and CEO of Per Person Per Night, the specialist provider of accommodation exclusively for contractors. Theo has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 20 years that now specialises in the property sector with hospitality at its core. Driven by competition, Theo has a keen eye for differentiation/positioning in a market and supports this with a great understanding of branding marketing and promotions. Theo is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur that has high expectations of himself and those that are around him. Specialties: Visionary; creative; optimistic; stimulating; able to inspire others; can multitask; quick to get results; great at getting things started; creative. Excels when focused on the big picture strategy and the creative process through to the end result. Loves: Marketing; Sales; Branding; Business Development; Team Building; Leadership

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